Entertainment Events

Another aspect of an event – premium entertainment services – is also something we manage. Within the corporate segment of entertainment, events range from executive retreats and incentive programs to appreciation events and award ceremonies. Impressions Events takes pride in having the proficiency to organize all kinds of entertainment – shows, parties, celebrations etc. – where the objective is for everyone involved to have a fabulous time.

We all undeniably perceive entertainment to be the best stress buster, a pleasurable experience that adds a little spice to our lives. Here at Impressions Event we promise to engage your senses like never before. Be it music, dance or art, our ever expanding suite of flagship shows hit home with a wide variety of audience and all one needs to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. We guarantee you the applause!

Artist Management

At Impressions Events we believe that just like each celebrity has a unique quality and identity, so does each brand and product. This is the connection we try to establish through our endorsements and artist placements. Our celebrity management team keeps an update on the market appeal, popularity and commercial value of each artist, finding the perfect fit for a brand as well as for the celebrity. We work closely with our clients to determine the best-suited celebrity needed to reach a target market, taking various factors into consideration such as budget, campaign goals and reach.

Cultural Nights

Don’t just use ‘Our Culture’ as an argument for our nation’s superiority over other, relish those cultural events and its essence in its purity. We promise it will be a good walk down the memory lane.

An outstanding cultural event lay stress on commitment, creativity and demands an eye to detail Therefore, we cater to a wide range of cultural events like religious ceremonies, theatre and arts, traditional folk evenings, talent hunt shows and all those which is close to your heart in your own cultural style, following your own tradition.

Award function

An award gives is a sense of solidarity with the poetry guild, as it were: sustenance coming from the assent of your peers on the judging panel.

The award function is one of the important ceremonies to be organized by any concerned industry to encourage people of excellence in particular area or field. The Award Function is being catered or not matters a lot because it will also enhance the budget of the programme. If the catering services are included then the decision of selecting the menu is very important. Because we, under the same roof provide almost all the things during the entire process of the event management, so that our clients should not move here and there for different services.

Fashion Show

Premium and high profile parties, fashion shows, brunches etc., come within this category. Our premium standard of quality allows us to be able to provide you with unparalleled events, giving your guests an experience they will remember. Our eye for detail enables us to concentrate on even the finer things involved with any event, as well as the event on a broader scale.

Sports Event

An award gives is a sense of solidarity with the poetry guild, as it were: sustenance coming from the assent of your peers on the judging panel.

Realizing the growing popularity of cricket and other sports in the country and understanding the potential for brands in it, Impressions Events came into inception of Sports Event Management with the goal of creating, managing and implementing sports and event marketing opportunities.

Concert & Mega events

From entertainment-infused branding events to spectacular live concerts, Impressions Events deliver flawless execution of message, media and entertainment for all its clients. Our producers and project teams are accomplished professionals in the event management industry who understand the nuances of producing extravagant live events nationally and internationally.